New Apple iPod classic 160GB - Black

New Apple iPod classic 160GB.
New Apple iPod classic 160GB. Silver & Black.
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Technical Details.
Personal 160 GB multimedia player stores up to 40,000 songs or 25,000 photos.
Store and watch up to 200 h.ours of films and TV shows on bright 2.5-inch screen.
New Genius feature creates a playlist of tracks in your library that go great together.
Browse your music with Cover Flow or kick back and play 3 included iPod games.
Beautiful, durable anodised aluminium and polished stainless steel construction.
Meet a musical Genius.
Say you're listening to a song you really like and want to hear other tracks that go great with it. With a few clicks, the Genius feature finds the songs in your library that go great together and makes a Genius playlist for you. You can listen to the playlist right away, save it for later or even refresh it and give it another go. Count on Genius to create a mix you wouldn't have thought of yourself.
Hold everything.
iPod classic gives you 160GB of storage capacity, good for up to 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video, 25,000 photos or any combination. And you get up to 36 hours of battery life, so you can keep on rocking for a long, long time.


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