Tuk Tuk Thai

The History Of Tuk Tuk in Thailand
The vehicles known as Tuk-Tuk originated in Japan by Daihatsu and it was Thailand who subsequently went into production with these vehicles many years later.Thailand built Tuk-Tuks cost between 95'000 Baht and 150'000 Baht. As far as we know, there are about five to six manufacturers of Tuk Tuks in Thailand.

The original Thai Tuk Tuk is found in many places in Thailand, mostly operating as an open air taxi. Named for the sound made by their small-capacity, two-cycle engines, Tuk Tuks Thai are often found in tourist areas, around markets, or cruising the streets for fares. It is common to see 4 or 5 people in one Tuk Tuk, such as students heading home from school, or a single person riding a Tuk Tuk Thai full of boxes and bags being taken home from the market.Visitors to Thailand are usually very interested and curious about the Tuk Tuk, a locally made and designed three-wheeled vehicle. Tourists are often seen getting their picture taken with the open-air vehicle, and heard swapping tales of their experiences with the charming little machine.

Tuk Tuks were invented in Thailand over 50 years ago, evolving as a motorized relative of the rickshaw. The Tuk Tuk Thai was given its name from the rather rough sound of the early models. The single stroke motor powering the first three-wheelers had a distinctive hum when operating, and the "tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk" sound became a familiar sound to many in need of quick and convenient transportation in Bangkok. The Tuk Tuk Thai has improved its technology and quality over the years, while emerging as one of Thailand's most recognizable and identifiable symbols.

While Tuk Tuks are most commonly used for transporting passengers, many industrial uses for the vehicle have been initiated with dramatic changes incorporated into new designs and models. The relatively small size of the Tuk Tuk finds the vehicle navigating small alleys on delivery routes, and scooting around narrow factories taking advantage of its agility and slight turning radius.

Since the beginning, They can be modified to have automatic gears, doors, safety belts, air-conditioning, and much more depending on what the customer current models, powered by a 550 CC Japanese made engine, are able to carry a payload of 1000 kilograms. Customers have used Tuk-Tuks for hauling goods in factories, distributing goods and products in regions that have extremely narrow roads, and transporting guests around resort properties

The Sporty Tuk Tuk Thai is the lastest version of Tuk Tuk Thai's design in Thailand,It's extremely popular for private user as a sporty Tuk Tuk.
This model come with Daihutsu engine 550cc. and 650cc. It's easy to drive maintenance and luxury design.You may be the First one
owner in your country. It's happiness you can's VIP TUK TUK.


Daihatsu EF four strokes :650 cc
Cooling System :water-cooled
No.of cylinders and arrangement :3 in-line
Tyres :10"tyres/500/10, 12"tyres/145/65R 12
Windshield :D.O.T. Approved Laminated safety glass
Maximum speed (kms/hr) :60-100
Fuel consumption (at 60 kms/hr) :10-15 kms/lt
Fuel tank :30 lt.
CLUTCH :Dry Diameter (mm) 160
GEAR :4 forward all synchromesh
            :1 reverse manual gearbox
SUSPENSION :Front - double shock coil sprint with hydraulic
                          :Rear - Leaf springs and shocks
BRAKE :Rear - Disc Brake
ELECTRICAL SYSTEM :12 volt internally regulated charging system, negative ground,
                                            with key operated 12 volt starter motor
LIGHTING :High/Low beam headlamp, running lights, turn signals, instrument lights,
                      and hazard flasher
BODY AND FRAME CHASSIS :Steel Body and chassis from our factory
FUEL SYSTEM :Carburator
AUTO TRANSMISSION :Optional requirement
DIMENSION ( W x L x H ) :128 x 285 x 180 cm.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai (ThaiBoxing)
Experience Thailand's national sport, Muay Thai. Also known as, "The Art of the Eight Limbs" this is the Thai form of hard martial art. It is often referred to as "The Science of Eight Limbs" as the hands, elbows, knees and shins are all used extensively in this art. Therefore, a Muay Thai fighter may execute strikes using "eight points of contact" as opposed to "two points of contact" in western boxing. Those points of contact, being the two fists used in combat.
Muay Thai has a long standing and fascinating history in Thailand. The Thai army also use a modified version of Muay Thai, called Lerdrit. Traditional Muay Thai practiced today, incorporates kicks and punches - in a ring - with gloves similar to those used in western boxing bouts.

Muay Thai is an extremely popular spectator sport in Thailand. It is also a world renown martial art sport. The origin of Muay Thai can be traced back to it's ancestor Muay Boran. This translates to "Ancient Boxing". Muay Boran, was a form of unarmed combat, employed by Siamese soldiers. This was used in conjunction with Krabi Krabong, a weapon based style of combat.
The practice of Muay Thai was over time, upheld by Buddhist monks, who were the keepers and teachers of all arts - which were both practical and spiritual. Every Thai man is encouraged to live and follow the practices of the Buddhist monks at least once during their life time. This is a major factor in why Muay Thai grew in popularity among the common people.

Muay Thai continues to be a practical fighting technique for warfare. It has thrived and grown as a sport, throughout Thailand and the world. The entertainment it brings to spectators, ensures that it is an integral part of local festivals and celebrations. It has also long been entertainment for Kings of Thailand.
When you visit Phuket and Thailand, ensure that you experience the excitement and drama of a live Muay Thai fight. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to view a cultural phenomenon. You will also observe the pre-fight Wai Khru ritual. This is based on the sabre dance of Krabi Krabong. This is a traditional way in which respect is shown to the teachers and trainers. Historically, the Wai Khru was performed, when fighting in the presence of the King, as a way of apologising for the brutality in the fighting.

The fighter will first circle the ring 3 times before kneeling and bowing 3 times as a sign of respect to God and Man. He will also bow to Buddha, in order to ask for protection for himself and his opponent. He will also ask for an honourable fight.

The fighter will then perform the Ram Muay, which is simple movements designed to demonstrate their control and style. Each of the fighters will perform the Ram Muay on each side of the ring, to demonstrate their prowess to the audience. The Ram Muay, is a very personal ritual. It may range from being very simple to very complex. The style provides an insight into who trained the fighter and where they originate from.

If you would like to experience a live Muay Thai fight, there are regular bouts in both Phuket Town and Patong. If you would like to book tickets or would like more information, please contact us. We can provide any details you may require.



Promthep Cape Phuket
PHUKET was frist discovered from the west by Arab and indian navigators between AD880-916.These seafaring Explorers found the native inhabitants to be wanderers and believed the migratory race tobe a cross between the An damanese and Nicobar, or "strails islanders" far away to the NW and W These people were naturally excellent swimmers, drives, and mariners, Who are recognized today as the "Chao ley", Or sea gypsies. Even among Marco Polo's circle of adventurers. Phuket was said to exist; but it wasn't until AD 1200 that the first written record of Phuket appeared in the English Sailing Journals of the Indian Archipelago. Three centuries later, the first stream of European sea traders came to the island and found a seaport trading in rhinoceros horn, ivor, geme, and, pearls for the past century,Phuket'S history has been documented In 1906, a missionary named John Carrington kept a journal for the Siam Society of his Southern archeological discoveries, His notes have this to say about old Phuket "One of the most beautiful and enchanting spots in the word lies off the west coast of siam. It is a place where wild elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, waterbuffalo, cattle, monkeys, birds, and reptiles abound Phuket has an enormous deposit of quality tin and elephants bring the ore from the mines to be smelted. The peaceful sea gypsies are reclusive and are described as the. 'People of the strail'. "
Phuket is Thailand's largest island and a province in itself, It is laden with bamboo forests, salacca palm, and fruit trees of banana, mango, jackfruit, and durian.This sculptured island has a land area of 550 sq. km., and is surrounded by 39 offshore island and islets. The island runa in a north to south direction for 50 km, And is 21 its widest point.Threr are two predominant weather systema in Phuket. The clearest, most stable months are between November and April when the temperature ranges between 21 c and 34 c. The seas are crystal clear, and accompanied by sunny days. May to October is the rainy season when cloud coverage, and cooler, more temperate day avail themselves. Brief showers usually occur in the late afternoon, with any "down-pours" occurring late in the evening. The month of September has the most precipitation, and this is true over all of southern Thailand.

Phuket's Two Heroines
Phuket's Two Heroines
captain Light played a pivotal part in the most famous chapter in Phuket's history: the routing of the invading Burmese army in 1785. The Burmese had been repelled a year earlier but returned in a large fleet-which was spotted by the Captain. He lost no time in alerting the authorities in Phuket.

The island's governor had just passed away so the challenge of organising its defence was taken up by his widow, Kunying Jan. She and her sister Mook assembled what forces they could and, according to legend, disguised local women as male soldiers, thus making Phuket's. military manpower seem invincible. The Burmese eventually lost heart and left after a month's siege and as a result King Rama 1 awarded Kunying Jan with the royal title of 'Thao Thep Kasattri'.

Nowadays, one of Phuket's main thoroughfares is Thepkassatri Rd. It leads past a centrally located roundabout on which stand statues of Kunying Jan and Thao Sri Suntorn - Mook's royally bestowed title. 'Heroine's Monument', as it is known, plays host to many locals who wish to pay their respects to their illustrious ancestors

How To Get There
Phuket is located 890 km. South of Bangkok on TheWest coast of the kra Isthmus peninsula. The island is connected to the main land by the Sarasin causeway, a 2 km. highway bridge.

International Airport
Bus Swrvice.

Non air-condition bus:

Bangkok - Phuket, 7 departures daily from the southern Bus Terminal on Charan Sanitwongse Road, Thonburi between 07:30 to 22:30.

Fare:   bath. No advance booking.

Phuket - Bangkok, from the bus terminal on Phang-Nga Road, 7 times daily from 06:00 to 18:30 Fare:   bath.

Air - conditioned bus.
Bangkok - Phuket, From the southern bus Terminal on Charan Sanitwongse road, Thonburi, 9 departures daily between 08:00-20:30. Fare:   bath.

Phuket-bangkok From the bus terminal on. Pnang-Nga. Road, 10 Departures daily between 08:00-17:40. Fare:   bath.

VIP. besce are avilable daily from both bangkok and Phuket busTerminal.They have 31 seats and depart at 18:45, arriving the next day at 15:00. Fare   bath.Seats must be booked inadvance. there are daily local andnair-condinationed bus service to Phuket From: Takuapa, Ranong,Phang-Nga, Nakhonsi Thammarat, and Surat Thani.

Rail Service.
Passengers destined for Phuket can purchase joint tickets from either the Staate Railway of Thailand or Songserm Travel.The rabid train (No.41 Bangkok-Trang) departs Bangkok's Hua Lumpong station at 18:30 and arrives atSurat Thani at 06:00. From Surat Thani Passengers will be take by air-conditioned bus to major hotels in Phuket. Joint train and bus fares for second-class ordinary coach is 424 bath for adults, second-class sleeping berth is   bath, and second-class air-conditioned sleeping berth is 624 bath.

Returning to Bangkok. Passengers can take the chartered bus to Surat Thani from which they can take any Bangkok bound rapid train (No.42, 44,46, and48).

The Main roads and highways on the island are wide, asphalt paved, and well marked by illuminated arrow directional signs in English. The road arround the island is paved with and dirt section well laid and awaiting to be surfaced. Renting a jeep or motocycle is an excellent way to tour the island where steep hills may require careful maneuvering. Private cars, jeeps, and motocycle can be hired from car rentals such as Phuket Car Center and Pure Car Rent in Phuket town. International car rental agencies, like Avis, have counters at the leading hotels, with Hertz having outlets in the Patong hotels. Both companies have rental offices outside the Phuket Airport.

Around Phuket.

Phuket is both an adventurers and ambience seekers island. Luxurious resorts, dense jungle, set roada and modrn tele-communications create an exclusively seft-contained island with aThai character all its own.Take advantage of Phuket; enjoy its ocean sports, nightlift, specialty shops, abundant seafood,. Thai Foodand. sparkling shores.

Sightseeing by tour is an excellent way to experience Phuket. Phang Nga Bay and the Phi-Phi island are Favorites on everyone's travel agenda.If you have time travelling around Phuket can be a real island safari by renting a jeep or motorbike.Keep your camara loaded with plenty of film; because agibbon, sea eagle. , Or spectacular Indian Ocean sunset mat be waiting over the next hill!

Introduce A trip to Pattaya.



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